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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Day 1

Sunday 04.29.01

It's finally the day to leave!

If anything else needs to be notarized we are in trouble! I give Jim all the documents including power of attorney in case he has to sign anything before I get my visa. Phone card instructions are printed. I have a notebook full of things for Jim to read, from information of the Frankfurt airport, where to find ATMs in Almaty and phone card info to the issues of Kazakh Kids.







Since Laura won't be meeting Mommy right away family photos are taken with the digital camera and printed, at least she'll see a picture Mom & Mike.
The printer is busy in the morning because we also print pictures of Matthew (Kairat) who only left the baby house a month earlier. His Dad has emailed them so we could let the caregivers see how he is doing

Sarah has packed all her essentials...gameboy, cds, cd player, playing cards and toys for Laura. I packed what I think she might need.her clothes!

Small Marble 1



The airport wait is uneventful and the digital camera is handed off...since I'm now booked for the following Sunday I keep the video camera. I give Sarah last minute instructions to take care of her Dad. I'm not worried about them and wish I could be travelling with them, but on the other hand Michael will still have Mommy home with him for another week

The internet is great because I could track their plane while it was in the air, I knew when it landed and at what time.

I hope that Laura knows they are coming, but you wonder what does a two-year-old who has only lived in an orphanage know about being in a family?


Jim continues...
Sarah & I left Pittsburgh International Airport on time (17:05) on Sunday on USAirways 782, an Airbus 330 widebody.
I was thinking about going to get Laura, without Suze.

We sat in 14 A & B. Each seat had their own TV monitor in the headrest of the seat in front. We both watched 102 Dalmatians & ate a chicken dinner. I listened to Jazz and Sarah listened to her CDs. Jim tried to sleep. Sarah played solitaire, tried to sleep and then watched Toy Story 2. The woman in 15A kept telling people over and over that she doesn't sleep on flights to Europe. She kept her overhead light on the whole flight; it was the only bright light on in the cabin. It was in Sarah's eyes and mine so I draped the USAirways blanket over my head. At some point I must have dozed off, but not for very long.
It was basically an uneventful overnight flight to Europe flight, been there done that although not as often as the lady sitting behind us!

On the plane from Pittsburgh I was thinking about Laura. I was going to see her before Mom! It was fun to tease Mom about that!
The flight was alright I mostly watched movies, Toy Story 2 and 102 Dalmatians. Dad was watching Dalmatians but it was about one minute behind mine until I paused it to go to the bathroom, then his movie was ahead of mine. They had Disney music on the headphones and I listened to that for a while.
I couldn't go to sleep because the lady behind me kept her light on and kept talking.
I looked out the window when it was daytime and saw bright white clouds, at night, when there were breaks in the clouds I could see lights of the cities below.